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What you Do During Internship?
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What you Do During Internship? 

Be proactive

Your internship is what you make of it, so feel empowered to take the lead in your learning and stretch yourself to try new things. Seek out people to talk with, and confidently share your ideas. If you hear about an interesting project, let people know that you’re eager to learn and contribute. If you’re curious about how something works, find an expert or mentor in that space who can help you learn more.

Attend meetings

Some of the most valuable lessons from an internship come from the meetings that you attend. Ask your manager for an invitation to meetings that will expose you to lots of different projects. Even if you don’t participate, just listening as teams discuss various topics, such as campaigns, partnerships, and future road maps, will teach you a good deal and help you build confidence in that setting.

Make connections

Remember that you’re surrounded by many talented and interesting people. Get to know your team, other teams, and other interns, too. Ask them all about their career development, experiences, and any tips they have for you. Find ways to facilitate connecting that make it easy for the people you want to meet.

Value your and others’ time

You may come across challenges and issues that you can’t resolve. When that happens, don’t be afraid to ask more experienced coworkers for help, but always think before you ask. First, carefully read all the materials and emails exchanged on the topic. Prepare a list of questions, and be clear on what you’d like to discuss. When someone takes the time to help you through a challenge, advise you, or teach you something, thank them.

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