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Simple and Effective Ways to Reach Your Ultimate Goals
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Simple and Effective Ways to Reach Your Ultimate Goals 

1. Create a Morning Routine

Our morning routine – the series of activities we do after getting out of bed in the morning – can play a significant role in setting the tone for the rest of our day. If we have a calm and relaxing start in the morning, then that is likely how our day will unfold. Likewise for if we have a hectic start to our day.

2.Practice Gratitude

Writing down a list of gratitudes changes something in us. Taking a couple of minutes each day to appreciate the little things can go a long way in helping to boost our mood.

When we know we have to write down three things we’re grateful for each day, we start actively looking for things to be grateful for, and in that search, we find more than we intended. That’s the beauty of this practice. 


This might feel strange or uncomfortable at first, but meditating is a great way to help us become more mindful and aware of the present moment. It can be as short or long as you’d like, and oftentimes, just 5 minutes a day can go a long way.

4. Engage in Exercise

This one is no surprise. Physical activity stimulates our brain to release certain chemicals, helping us feel more relaxed and at ease. If intense workouts aren’t your thing, a 10-minute walk in the park or light exercise, such as yoga or stretching, will do the trick. 

5. Try (or Learn) Something New

Did you know that many of our greatest moments in life are linked to a new experience of some sort? Trying something new can be exciting, and it gives us the opportunity to solely focus on ourselves and what we’re experiencing in the present moment. Pottery, photography, rock-climbing, dance… we humans are born to be curious! 

6. Spend Time with Loved Ones 

Whether it be watching a movie or sharing a meal together, spending time to reconnect with those who we love and care about can have several benefits:

  • Strengthens relationships: by engaging in face-to-face interaction
  • Increases sense of mutual need: sharing our love with others and feeling loved in return
  • Reduces stress: by sharing smiles and memories 

7. Single-Task Instead of Multitask

 Focusing on one task at a time can help us to:

  • Increase productivity: by eliminating the frequent starting and stopping of tasks
  • Reduce stress: from the increased productivity!
  • Build self-discipline: as we often naturally feel inclined to multitask, especially when we feel overwhelmed or have a lot on our plate to get done
  • Practice mindfulness: single tasks help to keep us present

8. Take action every day.

Look, it doesn’t matter how much you learn if you don’t take action. Don’t get caught up in analysis paralysis. The best way to learn is by doing. Embrace failure–it’s the stepping stone to success.

9. Tell others.

A psychology professor at Dominican University found that people who wrote down their goals, shared them with others, and maintained accountability for their goals were 33% more likely to achieve them. So go spread the word to your family and friends, and let them in on your goals and plans. You’ll likely get valuable feedback too.

10. Plan for setbacks.

Being a good goal-setter is kind of like boxing; you need to learn to roll with the punches because you know you’re going to get hit. The best way to minimize the impact of setbacks is to plan for them. Have a contingency plan for when things go wrong. Be prepared to react and learn from those setbacks. They’ll be valuable learning opportunities.

11. Evaluate your progress every week.

Ask yourself: what did I do this week to get closer to my goal? What worked? What didn’t?

And don’t forget to celebrate your success too. Allow yourself to bask in the success of a great week and then get right back at it and check the next things off your list. That’s how you’ll reach your ultimate goals.

12. Visualize and reflect.

Visualize yourself reaching your goals, including the process and work it will take to get there (this is important). Try to feel what it will be like once you reach those big accomplishments. This will form a lasting picture in your mind.

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