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Signs Of A Toxic Person
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Signs Of A Toxic Person 

Toxicity in a person can show up in a lot of ways. You may already have a toxic friend and not even know it yet. Here are a few signs that your friend is a toxic person:

  • They are needy and demand your attention.
  • They are unwilling to try to change or seek help.
  • They create and are always surrounded by interpersonal issues.
  • They try to manipulate and control you.
  • They are always distrustful of others.
  • They are unnecessarily negative towards others.
  • They are always cynical and bring you down.
  • They make you feel drained emotionally.
  • You are always walking on eggshells around them because you are afraid to say the wrong things.
  • They make you feel smaller and less important.
  • They often interrogate people with hostile questioning.
  • They often use strong, intense language.
  • They are constantly angry.
  • They are extremely disrespectful and always seem to get their way.
  • They shout at people when things don’t go their way.
  • They threaten people.
  • They exaggerate things.
  • They are judgmental and condescending.
  • They complain about their life endlessly.
  • They never forgive and forget.
  • They are never satisfied with how you behave with them and will always find it disrespectful.
  • They fail to contribute anything positive to any relationship.
  • They never apologize.

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