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How to Fix Your Fundamentals  to want more success
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How to Fix Your Fundamentals to want more success 

What exactly are fundamentals?

Fundamentals cover basically everything from your body language to your eye contact and voice to the type of clothing you wear and much more.

When we talk about fundamentals we are essentially talking about presentation, about how you present yourself to other people.

Your fundamentals create your vibe. Fundamentals include:

  • Clothes/Fashion
  • Facial hair and hairstyle
  • Body language
  • Voice
  • Eye contact

We’ll go in-depth here about other intangible assets that you need to develop in order to have a more impressive presentation, and these are:

  • Your mental presence ( confidence, charisma and dominance )
  • Your mental skills level ( intelligence, vocabulary and mental agility )
  • The social calibration you display

     1. Your mental presence has a direct effect on your body language.

  • Confidence – when you are dressed and groomed properly with a cool facial hair or hairstyle and have your shoulders back, chest puffed out and breathe deeply and calmly you will have injected confidence just by assuming a stance like that.
  • Charisma – show conviction in what you are doing. Get yourself rid of self-doubt and become more decisive. Be friendly, positive and engaging and don’t worry too much what people think about you or your beliefs.
  • Dominance – have a focused intensity, piercing eye contact, slow and clear speech and a strong body language and you will ooze sexiness and dominance in a good way.

It takes time to reach satisfying levels of mental presence. But the more you practice the more these actions are going to move from your conscious mind to your unconscious mind, as a result making them an automated response.

     2. The mental skill level is the hardest of the three to master.

  • Intelligence – your intelligence plays a large role in your mental skill level. And the good thing is you can increase it by reading a lot of books, articles or magazines. Intelligence is a very attractive quality, especially to women.
  • Vocabulary – increase your vocabulary and learn interesting words. People will have a quite pleasant surprise when they encounter a man who stands out among the crowd of boring and bland men.
  • Mental agility – try to be more witty. It will make you more flexible and able to think and act quickly. Your mental agility plays a huge role in how socially calibrated you become, which brings us to the latest point, social calibration.

     3. Social calibration is defined as an ability to read and react according to the presented social environment.

  • You have to learn to know what to expect from other people you are interacting with.
  • You need to be able to adjust your words, behavior and actions to various people or environments.
  • And last but not least, treat others how they treat you.

The more socially calibrated you become, the more dynamic you will seem to people.

It does seem like a lot of work. But with patience and persistence you can put these skills and traits on display. And you will reap the benefits of having good friends, exciting lovers and high quality interactions.

There is a huge difference between a good-looking man who is passive, shy and dull and a good-looking man who is self-assured, quick on his feet and knows how to charm anyone and everyone that surrounds him.

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