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How to became the Master ‘Art of Selling’

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How to became the Master ‘Art of Selling’ 

The ‘ART’ of selling,  Interesting question and the answer provided appears to be more of a definition of what selling is (albeit a very good one). The art of selling as more of what comes with many years of experience.  It is more of a blank canvas that gives you the opportunity to create whatever you want. 

Like knowing when to shut up because the body language of the person you are ‘selling to’ mandates it.  Or cleverly uncovering a mole, deep in the bowels of a very large and complex organization, who gives you some extremely valuable information that is critical to your selling effort.  Or coming up with a winning deal strategy that is not in the standard playbook. 

Why are sales so important and why does everyone need to sell?

1. It is the only way to let the world know what you have to offer

 A silent but a highly skillful person will get no attention, but one who can talk and explain his skills (even limited) will capture the attention of his target and win the deal.

2. It helps build relationships

Yes, if done without being overly pushy, sales can and do help build relationships both personal and professional. It is the most effective method of telling your story to the world and to connect with others.

3. It helps build credibility

Sales to an extent is all about commitment and delivery. When you commit and deliver as per the commitment – you build credibility, which in turn gets you more business or contacts or friends.

These three reasons are the pillars of success – both individual and organisational. When, harnessed effectively, they lead you from success to success or more aptly – from one successful sale to the next. No one, absolutely no one, irrespective of their place in the hierarchy of the company, at home, or in the society, can get by without selling.

What qualities do leaders posses that make them master sellers?

1. Confidence – They are sure about their skill/product, know its value and are proud of being associated with it.

2. Commitment – Leaders are committed to their vision, mission or goal. They pursue it zealously, no shortcuts.

3. Integrity – Leaders posses strength of character and maintain honesty with all stakeholders – organization, employees, vendors and customers.

4. Above par soft skills – Leaders know how to treat people around them be it business associates, partners or customers – they treat everyone courteously with utmost respect. Good leaders concentrate on building a relationship first, then on closing the sale.

5. Continuous learners – Leaders are always on the lookout to update their knowledge and skill set and they share it openly with their associates.  Not only this, they also seek feedback and if genuine, they implement it.

6. Target oriented – Leaders are very target oriented – they plan and execute as per the plan.

7. Good listeners – They are very good listeners. They pick up on subtle cues and know without explicit communication when a deal can be pursued further or when they need to take a step back.

8. Good communicators – Along with being good listeners, leaders are well versed with the art of making small talk. A leader effectively uses the ‘you attitude’ to put people at ease and gets them to voluntarily listen to what he has to say.

9. Problem solvers – Leaders by nature are problem solvers. Instead of letting an issue foster, they deal with it on a priority to sort it out.

10. Product and market knowledge – last but not the least, they have in-depth product knowledge and they know how the market in which they operates performs and where it is headed – i.e. along with the present they also have an eye on the future.

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