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Foods That Help Prevent And Treat Acne
Foods That Help Prevent And Treat Acne - fintechgie
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Foods That Help Prevent And Treat Acne 

While acne is a skin problem, and therefore mostly dealt with topically, there are some foods that you can consume to help prevent the onset of acne, as well as help treat the condition – including scars. Here’s what you should be known into



This bright orange fruit contains two essential enzymes – papain and chymopapain – which are simply a miracle cure for acne. When you eat papaya, these unclog pores, help in fading acne scars, dealing with hyperpigmentation and so on. Papaya is also rich in vitamin A, an essential skin nutrient.



What makes oranges so special?

They are powerhouses of vitamin C, which the body doesn’t produce and needs external sources of. Vitamin C is ideal for preventing acne, because it has antioxidant benefits, and also boosts the body’s natural collagen levels. This improves cellular health and allover skin health, ensuring they’re kept healthy.

Flaxseeds & Walnuts


The omega 3 fatty acids present in both flaxseeds and walnuts, help lower inflammation and also control the production of extra sebum and bacteria. What’s more, they have the ability to balance any hormonal irregularities that may cause acne. You can also eat fresh fatty fish for the same benefits.

Oysters / Mushrooms


Depending on whether you want to opt for a plant or animal-based sources, choose oysters or mushrooms which are rich in zinc. Zinc is an important mineral which helps kill acne-causing bacteria. However, if you overdo it, there could be side effects – so make sure you consume only the recommended portions.

HOW To Avoid

Steer clear of foods with a high glycemic index such as white bread, corn flakes, French fries, desserts with processed sugar and so on. Cow’s milk has been known in some cases to cause acne, so switch to nut milk, oat milk or goat’s milk. Cut out alcohol, excessive spice and condiments like pickles.

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