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Different ways COVID-19 stress is affecting our bodies
Different ways COVID-19 stress is affecting our bodies

Different ways COVID-19 stress is affecting our bodies 

The month of lockdown has been a constant source of fear, anxiety and panic among everyone. These are common feelings, however, and can have various impacts on our body. Our body has always been prepared to deal with stressful situations in particular ways.

However, the way our body reacts is only meant for short term stresses, unlike the ones we are experiencing now. The coronavirus pandemic is the perfect trigger for stress as it is both unpredictable and uncontrollable. This simply adds to the levels of stress caused by the pandemic.

Stress v/s anxiety

It is important to know what you feel to be able to battle with it. Stress is a simple situation that demands more of a person that normal day to day activities. Stress, however, can be caused by happy situations in our lives as well. Stress, like that when moving cities, does not always have a negative effect on the body. Anxiety is similar to fear. It is a response based on fear. During times like these, stress and anxiety tend to collide, making it difficult to cope.

When put under duress for such a long time, just like during this pandemic, the stress starts affecting your body. it produces inflammation in the body as a protective mechanism and can have a number of side effects.

How does stress affect your body?

The first and foremost is that when chemicals to fight stress are released, they cause inflammation in the body. These inflammations can lead to flare-ups on your skin, constant itching and also psoriasis.

The increased cortisol levels cause a lot of oil to build-up on your skin and further cause skin problems. So, if you experience a sudden increase in acne during this time, it is most probably due to the stress

Stress is also known to affect the reproductive system. Thus, you may also experience late or irregular periods and even none at all. These symptoms can continue till the time your body is under said stress.

Find ways to destress

It is important that you find your own outlets for the stress. However, social support is of utmost importance at a time like this. Even though we are maintaining social distance, it does not mean you have to isolate yourself. Keep in touch with people who care about you. Sharing what you feel like with your loved ones helps you reckon with yourself and battle with your stress better.

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